Here’s what some customers have said about us!

“Your Store is like Paris, London, New York and Brussels.”
-Annette A.  Nelson, BC

“I wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to you for saving our bachelorette party last week. I have nothing but amazing feedback from everyone who attended on what amazing hosts you were and how impressed everyone was by your collection. You really made my sister feel so special and catered too. From the cupcakes and champagne to the individual service your energy and dedication made for an amazing evening!”
-Sharla R. Burnaby, BC

“The store is so beautifully decorated in an elegant way. Why would you not want to stop in for a look and buy? The quality of their lingerie is top notch in my books and I like the idea this store buys items made in Canada.”
-Erma F. Trail, BC

Hurray! The bra fits wonderfully, and she looks amazing wearing it 🙂 … Thanks so much for your patience, your shop is amazing and the staff is tremendously helpful for fellows like me. 🙂
-David. W, Victoria, BC
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